What is SavaBros?

We are a direct response company that creates and sells information products and services that millions of people find interesting and important in their lives.

We are specialized in the self reliance market and we serve conservative Americans.

We live and breathe direct response marketing.

It's our passion, our way of life, and it's our biggest source of accomplishment and frustration at the same time. It's a "beast" that's constantly changing and evolving. And we're changing and evolving with it, to stay at the top of the game.

In direct response you sell or else, as they say. It's true to a point. It's true we are good at selling. But being a good seller is a matter of being relevant first and foremost, fresh, timely and intriguing.
If we were not helping people in tangible ways, they wouldn’t reward us with their trust. We love to help and inspire people. For us selling well means doing good.

What we do

We are in this business to serve globally and to grow individually. What we serve and inspire are people who need safety, comfort and peace of mind.

We deliver empowerment through products that create fertile shortcuts to solutions, disentangle reality, simplify choices and ultimately make lives better.

We give reassurance and confidence to these people through fresh, unique solutions. We get our inspiration from modern heroes and make their stories available for others.

In a way we are democratizing wisdom because we solve serious problems shared by millions of people worldwide.

We might not directly save lives, but we try to make a change. We help people help themselves.

With our thirst for knowledge and drive for constant improvement, we know we'll find a solution to any challenge. And while doing that, we decided to water our inner seeds and harvest the best of our humanity.

We invest time and energy in becoming better in the competition with ourselves. We believe that our better selves of tomorrow will nurture better tomorrows for others.

Our Team

We've tried to create a work environment free of the typical Romanian plagues: we're keeping office politics down to a minimum, we focus on results and we try to make work fun.

We're a small team of smart, funny hard-working specialsts who are pushing to become the #1 company in self-reliance. High ambition, radical honesty and a result-oriented mindset are encouraged at SavaBros.

There's still a bit of start-up mentality, a chronic lack of "bossy-ness" and sometimes a bit of chaos. Which means that, unlike in many corporations, people have here an opportunity to create their own roles and "leapfrog" to the top, unlike many corporations.

It's a safe environment where ideas are welcome regardless of your pay-level. You can argue with your boss (and sometimes win). You can leapfrog your way to the top (we've had 21 year-olds reach junior-partner level). You can fail forward and learn from your mistakes.

a picture of traian sava
Traian Sava,
CEO SavaBros

Traian started or was involved in 15 failed businesses before discovering online copywriting. After that, he ended up writing for Kaiax Inc. and did 10-12 "successfull" projects there, at least 3 of which broke the million dollar mark. He wrote the famous HomeMadeEnergy, and the infamous TeslaSecret and Johnson Motor salesletters.

In 2012 Traian decided to start his own business, and to sell legit products he and his team could actually be proud of. Six mounths into the business they had Backyard Liberty, a legendary aquaponics/survival food offer that did over 150,000 initial sales. Ever since, they've been doing successful survival offers, and are one of the few "survival" players constantly coming up with new offers.

Key personal strenghts: copywriting, consulting, positioning, idea generation, mentoring.

a picture of alexandru sava
Alex Sava,
Cofounder & Affiliate Manager SavaBros

Since the company's late 2012 start, Alex grew a network of 5000 affiliates, that dominates Clickbank's survival niche - 3 out of top 5 products are SavaBros offers, under the Survivopedia brand.

He currently oversees sales of $10 million / year, management of a 160k+ email list, marketing, business development and human resources for both the local SavaBros team and the international one.

Strenghts: strong networking skills, sales, risk management, leadership.


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SavaBros is a Top Client and part of Clickbank's Platinum Program.
"CONGRATULATIONS on the tremendous success you had over the course of 2015! ClickBank is very grateful to have you on board as a client."

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